What to Include in a Divorce Checklist

We recommend including three types of information in your divorce checklist.


1. Documents

It is important to bring all relevant family documents to the first meeting with a divorce lawyer. Here are some documents you should bring:

☑ Prenuptial agreements

☑ Financial documents

☑ Litigation documents

☑ Business records

☑ Pay stubs

☑ Other important family records

You should bring the above documents and any other important records you think might be relevant to your divorce case.

Consider using dtour.life to upload all of your important case documents in one place. Then use our one-click digital sharing feature to share your case documents with your attorney before the first meeting.

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2. Questions

We recommend creating a list of questions to ask your divorce lawyer at your first meeting. This will allow you to keep the focus on the most pressing legal issues in your case without being distracted by the emotional issues. Some appropriate questions to ask are:

☑ What is your fee structure (hourly consultative rate, retainer, fixed fee)?

☑ How much can I expect to pay in attorney, paralegal, and expert fees for the duration of the case?

☑ What is your area of expertise?

☑ What courts and geographic areas do you normally work in?

☑ What are my options regarding custody?

☑ What are my options regarding spousal and child support?

☑ What can I expect regarding division of property?

☑ Do you generally settle or litigate your divorce cases?

☑ Do you participate in mediation or collaborative practice?

☑ What information will I need to provide to you to get started?

☑ How long do you expect my case to take?

☑ How will you communicate with me and provide updates on my case?

☑ Do you use dtour.life?

There are countless more questions for you to ask as your case progresses, but these will provide you with an excellent foundation to begin managing your divorce case with your attorney.

3. Case Summary

You should bring a summary of the basic facts of your case to the first meeting with your divorce lawyer, including:

☑ Names of both spouses

☑ Date of marriage

☑ Date of separation

☑ Number of children from the marriage along with their names and ages

☑ Age of each spouse

☑ Education level achieved by each spouse

☑ Occupation of each spouse

☑ Gross income of both spouses

☑ Estimated monthly expenses for the family

☑ Address and contact information for each spouse

☑ Estimate of all assets and debts held by the family and who owns each

You will need to provide great detail about income, expenses, assets, and debts once your case proceeds further. But the above items are enough to get you started with an attorney.

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