Divorce Employee Benefits for HR That Make Sense


Divorce costs North American businesses $6 billion per year in lost productivity and divorce-related healthcare costs.

Until now there was nothing you could do to help. Finally, with dtour.life you can assist your employees by offering low-cost divorce employee benefits to support them during the divorce process.


Divorce is Hurting Your Business


High Cost of Divorce

Divorce costs North American employers $6 billion / yr in lost productivity and increased healthcare costs directly attributable to divorce.


Employee Productivity

In the six months leading up to and the year of a divorce, the divorcing employee's productivity is reduced by 40%. Productivity suffers on some level for seven years.


Co-worker Productivity

In the six months leading up to and the year of a divorce, the productivity of the divorcing employee's coworkers is reduced by 4% across the board.


How Can dtour.life Help Your Business?


We help your employees by bringing calm and clarity to the otherwise chaotic divorce process.

Divorce can be scary. And it is a full-time job, which is why your employees are less productive while going through it. Our library of unique divorce-related content helps to answer your employees' questions about the divorce process, finances, custody / parenting, and more. When your employees have more clarity, they are less stressed and more productive.


We help your employees get organized.

We use technology and an easy user experience to assist your employees with the arduous data collection and organization process inherent in divorce. And we provide digital collaboration so your employees can share everything with their lawyer. This saves the employee a significant amount of time and money. Fewer attorney meetings and reduced stress leads to lower absenteeism and higher productivity.


Click on the image for a more detailed view of the employee dashboard.


Each employee has secure access to their own dashboard, allowing them to manage the entire divorce process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

This gives your employees a real sense of clarity and control, minimizing stress during the divorce process. Less stress and a greater sense of control means more productivity and fewer absences.


Bank-Level Security

Our site uses multi-factor authentication and end-to-end 256-bit encryption to ensure the privacy and security of your data. 


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