The Divorce Process Overview

While the details of each divorce differ, the process is roughly the same when it comes to what you need to provide and the decisions you need to make along the way.

Step 1: Interview & Hire Legal Professionals

Hiring the right professional(s) is essential for your divorce, but how do you know who is the right one? Spend 20 minutes preparing for your Consult(s) and arrive with a Case Profile that will immediately address the specific family and financial facts professionals need to answer your most pressing questions. The Case Profile tool guides you through the process of creating a summary document to email in advance or hand to a lawyer during the initial consultation.

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Step 2: Document all Your Financial Details

Once you’ve hired a legal professional they will ask you to provide details about all aspects of your family’s finances. provides easy-to-use tools to document your Assets & Debts and a new I&E sync feature to download transaction data directly from banks for expense calculations.


Step 3: Your Lawyer / Mediator files for Divorce

Once you’ve provided all the information, your lawyer, mediator or other legal professional will use it to file for divorce with your state.


Step 4: Discovery

During this step in the process unless you and your spouse are amicable, your lawyers will exchange financial details from both spouses and work with each of you respectively to reconcile differences and discrepancies. If you are amicable and work together in step 2 you may be able to skip this step.

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Step 5: Draft Settlement & Support Agreements

Your mediator or legal professional will work with you (and your spouse if amicable) to draft agreements dividing assets and debts and determining support payments. If you have children and have not previously worked out parenting schedule arrangements, you will also do this work during this stage.’s Marital Settlement Agreement and Spending Plan tools automatically populate with data you’ve entered about your family’s current living situation allowing you to create different scenarios for dividing assets and developing support agreements.


Step 7: Negotiation

Depending on the type of process, you and your spouse and your respective legal representatives will meet to negotiate the drafted settlement and support agreements.

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Step 8: Creation of Final Marital Settlement Agreement

Your lawyer, mediator or other legal professional will draft a final Marital Settlement Agreement. Included in this document are the terms you agreed to during negotiation as well as tasks you will need to do once the divorce is finalized. Once you and your spouse sign-off this will be filed with the courts for approval. Once approved, you will be officially divorced.


Step 9: Post Divorce To-Do List

Once the divorce is finalized, you will need to go through the Marital Settlement Agreement and complete all the agreed to tasks such as removing your ex as a beneficiary on retirement and life insurance policies, or cosigners on bank and investment accounts, or obtaining a new life insurance policy on your spouse if you or your children are dependent on them for support . captures all of these details and will be adding functionality in 2019 to allow you or your legal professional to create a post-divorce to-do list.

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