Family Mediation Group

Comprised of mediators, parenting plan experts, and divorce financial planners, the Family Mediation Group will help you and your spouse create agreements for the family to move forward as two households.

Redefining Divorce

The Family Mediation Group and are partnering to provide you with an efficient, less expensive, smarter and kinder way to divorce.

The Process

Step 1: guides you through the process of documenting your family finances and relationship facts for your experts.

Step 2: Invite the Family Mediation Group to digitally collaborate and share the documents.

Step 3: The Family Mediation Group can connect you with a lawyer to advise you on how the law applies to your case.

Step 4: Attend mediation with the Family Mediation Group to create a divorce agreement.

Step 5: Review the agreement and finalize paperwork to submit to the state of Utah.


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Divorce requires the documentation of every aspect of your financial life. guides you through the process of gathering and documenting these details, generating easy-to-read reports, and digitally sharing them with the experts.

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