Starting a divorce is expensive and time consuming.


Retainer depleted before case starts

Often, the initial retainer is depleted by the numerous phone calls and emails that go back and forth between client and attorney to establish the facts of a divorce case.


Divorce is a full-time job

Time going back and forth with our attorney, collecting massive amounts of data, negotiating with our spouse, appearing in court, and adjusting to a new reality.


Documents are disorganized

Traditionally, attorneys and clients send documents back and forth via email in multiple formats, leading to an unorganized mess of case data and documents over time.


How Can Help You With Your Divorce?

Guidance Customized to Your Case

When you sign up for your free 30-day trial, you will answer three questions to determine your most pressing concerns. Upon completion, you will be offered tasks to help you manage your divorce process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Our customers have said the dashboard gives them a real sense of clarity and control, minimizing stress during the divorce process.


Case Profile

When you meet with an attorney, they usually spend a few hours asking questions about you and your spouse, your children, the marriage, and the family financial situation. They may also ask for a narrative of why you are getting divorced. walks you through the documentation of these details to create a Case Profile that you can share with your attorney during the meeting, saving you hundreds of dollars in consultation fees.

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Financial Tools

Our divorce planning software provides financial tools to help you document all your assets, debts, income and expenses and identify who owns or is responsible for each.

Based on this information, Net Worth and Cash Flow Reports are automatically generated. Having this information in a single location and easy to update throughout the divorce can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Parenting Tools

One of the most helpful tools on the platform is the Child Expenses Reports. The worksheets that attorneys and courts provide often fail to capture important child expenses. Our detailed report helps you make sure you don't miss anything.

Our tool is very effective at considering "child support add-ons" which are almost always neglected by online child support calculators. Planning for these expenses during the divorce can keep you from re-opening a case later.


We help you get organized.

We use technology to assist you with the arduous data collection and organization process inherent in divorce . And we provide digital collaboration so you can share everything with your lawyer. Fewer attorney meetings and reduced stress leads to more confidence, a greater sense of control, and hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars saved.


Free 30-Day Trial

Are you ready to take control of your divorce while saving hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in the process?

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