dtour.life for
Legal Aid Organizations and Pro Bono Professionals

dtour.life is partnering with legal aid organizations / clinics and pro-bono professionals to provide the platform FREE of charge for both professionals and their clients. By helping clients document their financial information, dtour.life frees up professional time to help clients focus on strategy as they navigate the divorce process. 

What is dtour.life?

It is a platform for spouses and professionals to organize and share information about divorce financials. Based in the cloud, dtour allows both spouses and professionals to:

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  • Enter Asset & Debt and Income & Expense data. 
  • Data flows into Net Worth and Cash Flow Reports to help everyone understand the financial details of the marriage. 
  • Asset and Debt data flows into a Marital Estate Worksheet to allow users to create different scenarios for dividing the marital estate. It's a tool for doing the math for a Settlement Agreement.  
  • Income and expense data flows into a Budgets tool to allow spouses to create multiple budget options based on case variables. 


Other Features include: 

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  • Ability to enter children's expenses by child, separate from living expenses.
  • Ability to upload and download supporting documentation 
  • Ability to share information with other professionals on the case including therapists, social workers etc. 
  • Data entry can take place on a mobile device or via a website. 


Who should use it? 

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  • Professionals who spend a lot of time helping clients organize their financial information for divorce. 
  • Professionals who work with clients on child custody where children's expenses are a factor. 
  • Professionals whose clients have trouble completing paperwork because they only have a mobile device. 



What is the cost? 

We're offering the platform FREE to organizations and pro bono lawyers and mediators and their clients.  If your organization is interested in using the platform please email linda@dtour.life to set up a phone call or in person discussion.

If you would like to see the platform in action before contacting us - all professionals can sign-up for a 90 Free Trial. Note the professional experience is different than the spouse experience in terms of guidance provided.