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Get the information you need to make informed decisions about the type of divorce you want, how to hire legal professionals, how to think about parenting schedules and more with dtour.life’s Knowledge Center. Combining articles from our founder and leading experts, you will find helpful information throughout your divorce.

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Keep your files and information organized and up to date in dtour.life. Access and share your information from any location and any device to keep the process moving forward. Digitally share information with professionals with a single-click.


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Download bank transaction data to automatically generate Expense reports. Efficiently document all the details about each Asset and Debt to generate a Net Worth Report. Need to update an amount? We make it easy to keep information accurate and all the math up-to-date.

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Our Marital Estate and Spending Plan tools allow you to collaborate with professionals to think through different settlement scenarios and make informed decisions about how you will live in the future. This is your divorce and your future - take an active role.