Mark Battersby


VP of Engineering

Mark Battersby joins as Vice President of Engineering after playing a pivotal role as system architect on the original technology team formed to develop

Mark started programming as a hobby at the age of twelve and after completing a psychology degree in 2010, he decided to pursue technology as a career. Mark began as a programmer at Meditech, a medical software company and quickly became a senior developer in their Emergency Department group.

Mark gained a reputation for his commitment to both innovation and team efficiency so he was approached by Mojo Tech, a web development agency, to be tech lead on multiple projects including Aetna and Squadlocker. Four years later, after working on the preliminary development stages for, Mark was inspired by the category opportunity, technology challenges and the challenge to build and mentor a team. He successfully oversaw the seamless transition from the agency and other outside resources to an internal team to fully build, test and launch the comprehensive MVP in December 2017. Mark codes, mentors and leads the development team based in Providence, RI.