Prepare for divorce with combines guidance and organizational tools to help you prepare for divorce.

Step 1: Mindset Matters

It’s estimated that families spend $6 billion annually on divorce. Much of which can be avoided by understanding how the law applies and how your mindset can increase costs.

Read this article to understand common mindsets that lead to drawn out divorces and thousands in additional costs.

Step 2: Collect Important Financial Documents

Begin by gathering financial paperwork such as bank statements, mortgage statements, pay stubs and tax returns. As a platform to manage your divorce, provides a central location to store all this information. If you have little knowledge of family finances, check out the extra steps you may need to take to prepare for divorce.

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Step 3: Prepare to meet & hire legal professionals.

During the interview process you will answer the same basic questions over and over again. Attending those consults with the basics documented allows you to focus on your most pressing concerns.’s Case Profile tool walks you through the questions and provides a printable pdf to bring to interviews.


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