dtour.life is Now Available in the LifeMart Portal- the LifeCare Employee Discount Program

Employees who are subscribed to LifeMart now have a divorce benefit to assist them through one of the most disruptive and complicated life transitions.

NEW YORK, NY, January 7, 2019 - dtour.life, the divorce management platform, is now available through the high in-demand LifeMart discount shopping portal as the first divorce benefit available for its 4.5 million subscribed employees.

While there is increased attention by employers to offer more expansive lifestyle benefits to help their employees extend their paychecks a bit further, there has been little employers could do assist with one of the most disruptive life transitions, divorce. Historically, a finite amount of discounted legal assistance through an Employer Assistance Program was all that could be provided. However, with dtour.life, employers can now provide employees with a comprehensive tool that brings guidance, on-going document management, digital collaboration, significant cost-savings and most importantly, order to the chaos.

Divorce in the workplace costs North American businesses more than $6 billion annually, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine. This is primarily due to lack of productivity, absenteeism, depression and other behaviors. The Nashville Business Journal reports that in terms of stress, divorce is only second to the loss of a child.

The process can be complicated, expensive and protracted causing tremendous disruption to an employee trying to manage it along with their job.  “After working with divorcing clients who were losing out on promotions, receiving negative performance reviews and in some cases, fired, all due to the difficulty in managing both their divorce and job responsibilities, I knew that this platform had to provide individuals with features and an experience that would help de-mystify the process and bring efficiency to the workflow,” says dtour.life founder, Storey Jones. For the first time in divorce, spouses now have a digital dashboard, a place to go where they will feel more empowered, guided and capable of managing the confusing process. In addition to the stress and strain of the break-up itself, the effort to comply with the exhaustive document requirements and legal process is often a full-time job and hugely expensive. “We believe in spending hard-earned dollars on fantastic legal, financial and emotional experts when necessary, but not on pushing paperwork, and that is currently where a lot of the waste and cost excess exists,” says Jones.

With highly secure digital collaboration, employees can now minimize time away from work and handle much of the communication and document review through the platform. And, divorce lawyers and professionals are embracing the efficiency so they can work smarter on each case. According to Emma Whitley, partner at Armstrong, Roth, Whitley and Johnstone, “Using dtour.life allows all the parties involved in a divorce proceeding to have access to the same sets of documents. We can share records — including bank statements, investment records and other asset and liability records — with the other spouse and opposing counsel, so there are no discrepancies or arguments about the source material. Access to these records builds trust, and the result is a significant improvement in time management, cost savings and a greater sense of personal empowerment.” 

dtour.life is thrilled to be a part of the LifeMart portal. “When we learned more about LifeCare and their commitment to employee work-life balance, and all the services they offer through LifeMart to support employees to be more satisfied and productive at work, we knew that dtour.life was a perfect complement to its suite of benefits by addressing a life transition need in the workplace”, says Jones. dtour.life was introduced to LifeMart on January 7, 2019 to meet the industry standard of 1st quarter demand for divorce assistance.

About LifeMart and LifeCare

LifeMart is an online discount shopping service available via website and app that provides real savings on everyday products and needs. LifeMart is operated by LifeCare, a provider of employer-sponsored work-life benefits to 61,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and large branches of the federal government, representing 100 million members nationwide. LifeCare also offers a full suite of work-life solutions that save members time with personal life needs such as Backup Care Connection, Senior Care Management, Homework Connection, BenConnect, and Mothers@Work. LifeCare is headquartered in Shelton, CT.

About dtour.life

dtour.life was founded by divorce consultant and entrepreneur Storey Jones.  After over a decade working with spouses and legal teams, Jones launched dtour.life in late 2017 to bring digital tools and organization to the traditionally inefficient and paperwork-laden process of divorce. The site offers a suite of tools to help with all aspects of divorce, from just thinking about divorce to moving through the process. For more information visit www.dtour.life.