Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing / Plan


How does your pricing plan work?
Currently we are offering a free 90-day trial to give you time to work with your client(s) on their cases(s). After 90 days, the monthly subscription fee of $50 for as many cases as you manage will be charged on a monthly basis.

What happens at the end of my free 90-day Trial?
At the end of 90 days, you will receive an email notifying you that your credit card will be charged for the subsequent month.

What happens to all the case data entered during the free 90-day trial if I choose not to continue with a paid subscription?After the trial period ends, your access to Reports and Tools (Cash Flow, Net Worth, Marital Estate Worksheets & Budgets) will be blocked unless you begin paying for the platform. You will still be able to access the input tools including Family Biography, Assets & Debts, Living Expenses and Income after the 90 day trial.

What happens if I cancel before my subscription period ends?
You may cancel your subscription any time and any unused days in the 30-day billing cycle will be reimbursed to your credit card at the end of the billing cycle.

I am a professional, but my client is not computer savvy or has no interest in working digitally, so why do I need is designed to work independently for spouses and independently for professionals. For professionals it provides the first digital environment for managing all up-to-date case data. It allows you to easily add and edit as well as manage back-up documentation. It allows you to share it with any 3rd party professional for input on any of the financial or parenting issues. When also used as a collaborative tool, the platform provides greater efficiency and cost-savings to both you and your client, but it is not required for it to be of great value to you. 

Data Privacy & Security


How secure is case data?
The security of case data is our top priority. Our system architecture is designed to provide the highest level of protection possible. We have implemented stringent protocols including: 

  • encryption of data both as it comes in and as it goes out,
  • peer review of all code,
  • regular monitoring of our system and scans for breaches.

We use two-factor authentication to ensure that you, and only you, can access your account. It is your responsibility to keep your phone number, email, and password private and up-to-date, and then we will do our part to protect case data.

How is my data used by will not use, share or sell personal information or data, or uploaded documentation with any company, organization or individuals outside of DTOUR, Inc. The only people with access to your data are those whom you invite to view or collaborate. For more information on privacy, see our detailed policy that can also be accessed form the landing page at

How long will you maintain an archive of my case data?
We will maintain a complete archive of the case data indefinitely.