We walk you through each step of the process.

dtour.life combines guidance, organizational tools and digital collaboration to streamline the divorce management process. We explain each step while guiding you through the process of documenting everything required to divorce.

Step 1: Collect Important Financial Documents

Begin by gathering financial paperwork such as bank statements, mortgage statements, pay stubs and tax returns. dtour.life includes an Attachments tool to manage them in a single location. Your lawyer will ask for this repeatedly throughout the process.

Step 2: Download or Manually Enter Income & Expense data

Organizing income & expense data is one of the more time consuming aspects of the process. dtour.life allows you to connect to any bank or credit card company to download your transaction data directly - saving you hours of work and thousands of dollars. For those without login credentials we also offer manual entry.


Step 3: Document Assets & Debts to Create a Net Worth Report

Enter basic information about your property and dtour.life will automatically generate your divorce net worth statement. No more building complicated spreadsheets.

Share your Net Worth Report with your lawyer with one simple click.


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