dtour.life gives our firm a real competitive advantage.
— Emma Whitley, Partner at Armstrong, Roth, Whitley, and Johnstone (Family Law)

We're Changing the Experience

With a single platform we’re bringing collaboration and transparency to an often confusing and painful process.


1. Learn

We believe that the more information you have about all aspects of divorce, the easier it is to participate in the process with reasonable expectations and without fear.


2. Get Organized

The divorce process is daunting. It is emotionally difficult, it is financially complicated, and it is a full time job. We will break it all down and guide you along every step of the way. 


3. Share

The first divorce platform that allows you to build all of the necessary components of your case, manage them on your own dashboard, attach all the required documents and securely share with your lawyer, mediator, or any outside expert. Terminate access any time. Digital collaboration saves significant time and money.


We get it

divorce is difficult...

and we can help!


Created by a divorce expert with 12 years of experience helping spouses successfully navigate the divorce process.