William Farrell


Vice President of Software Architecture

Will brings over 10 years of software experience to the team as the Vice President of Software Architecture. 

At Meditech, one of the country's oldest medical software companies, Will worked in the Advanced Technology group. He implemented clients and servers for network protocols, architected a secure web platform, and designed features for a proprietary functional programming language, all while navigating HIPAA compliance.

Later, after he joined MojoTech, a software consulting company, Will led a team for a large hedge fund to design and deliver a platform for running distributed computation securely in the cloud. He was subsequently promoted to Lead Software Architect and oversaw all software activities, such as data modeling and API design.

Will is also the winner of the 2012 Angelhack Boston Hackathon, overall, for Mixlair, an audio workstation in the browser, and the winner of the 2013 Node Knockout Hackathon, best design, for Zoom the Balloon, a side-scrolling game. He recently returned from a conference in Amsterdam where he delivered a lecture on Clojure; a programming language he evangelizes.